Classroom Policies


Daily grades count once and test grades will count once. All grades will be averaged together at the end of the nine week period. The grade your child makes on a paper or test is the grade that will be recorded in the grade book.  We practice so much together and I modify as needed. I see each child one on one twice a day every day.  Our class will follow the grading scale provided by the Tipton County Board of Education. The scale is as follows:

A:  93 – 100
B:  85 – 92
C:  75 – 84
D:  70 – 74
F:  0 – 69

I:  Incomplete


**Please read the following very carefully and review with your child**


  • Grades will be taken from weekly, monthly, chapter, and unit tests and class work.
  • Homework itself will not be graded.
  • Only papers with number grades are recorded.  If a paper has been checked, but no number grade is on it, it was class work that was checked during class but not graded.
  • Graded papers will go home each Wednesday. Please sign the Graded Papers and return the next day.  Review the graded papers with your child.
  • Progress Reports from the office will go home mid-nine weeks.  Please sign and return.
  • Make-Up Work:  It is the student’s responsibility to do the make-up work for days missed.  It should be completed in an appropriate amount of time (usually the next day after he/she returns to school).  Unfinished make-up work can result in an “M” (Missing) grade until finished.  If your child will miss several days due to illness, please call the office and I can put assignments there to be picked up.


**Please go over the classroom rules, consequences, and rewards with your child.**


Classroom Rules:

  • I will raise my hand when I speak.
  • I will respect others and myself.
  • I will keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself.
  • I will walk quietly on the line in the hall.
  • I will do my best.



S: Satisfactory

N: Needs Improvement

U: Unsatisfactory



(S) Excellent Day!! – S, Smiley Face or stamp in agenda

(S-) 5 minutes of alternative recess (+1 TRACK point)

(N)  10 minutes of alternative recess (+2 TRACK points)

(U)  Alternative Recess and note home (+3 TRACK points)

Severe Clause:  Office or call parent



Reward choice, verbal praise, hugs, specials, pencils, stickers, positive notes home, postcards, TRACK Day activities.





  • School begins at 7:45 am.  Students arriving after 7:50 am will be marked tardy.  Please manage your morning time carefully.  Students sitting in the car line at 7:50 will be counted tardy.  Also, if your child will be eating breakfast at school please arrive in time for them to be finished by 7:45.
  • Please be sure to send a note for the office when your child returns to school after an absence.  Notes should be labeled with the teacher’s name, and child’s first/last name.  You will also need to send a note for any early check-outs where students do not return to school the same day.
  • ATES practices a Fever-Free Policy.  We ask that your child be free from fever for at least 24 hours before you send them back to school.  I will be sure to get the make-up work to your child.


Weekly Newsletters:

Each Friday I will send home a class newsletter in the MAYO binder.  It will have announcements and reminders for the week.  PLEASE read this!


Due to school accounting procedures, all cash must be for the exact amount (we cannot make change) and checks must be written separately for each department.  You can write 1 check for the tablet and journal ($6.50) and 1 check for everything else ($16.00). School agendas are $6.00 and are receipted, creative writing journals are $4.00 from the bookstore, Reading workbooks are $2.00, Grammar workbooks are $8.00, and tablets are $2.50.



We will have a snack each day at 9:30. Please send one healthy snack and a drink (optional). A small water bottle is ideal.  No can drinks, glass bottles, or sodas, please. Also, no fruits that need to be peeled (exceptions: bananas or Cuties oranges).



All visitors (including parents) must check in through the office and obtain a visitor pass.  Please bring in your driver’s license because the office staff will need to check it.



  • You are encouraged to send checks or cash to school to cover your child’s lunch.  Charging is strongly discouraged.   Please put all money in an envelope or Ziploc baggie and write the following:  child’s name, lunch money, Mrs. Mayo 1st grade, and date.
  • Our lunch time will be 11:30-11:55. I ask that you allow our class the first 2-3 weeks of lunch without any visitors.  This is the time where we work on our routine and practice good lunch behavior.  If you would like to join your child for lunch after the first couple of weeks, please feel free.



Birthdays are a time to celebrate!  You are welcome to send goody bags or other items for each student (pencils, erasers, etc.).  Please no cupcakes or bought items. Your child will receive a coupon from the office for free ice cream in the cafeteria.


Related Arts and Recess Times:

We will have related arts from 8:40-9:25 daily and recess from 2:00-2:20 daily.  The related arts schedule will be on our weekly newsletter and monthly calendar so you know when we have PE and students need to wear athletic shoes.